Step 1

Start a new project by clicking File->New->New Project or using the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+N (on Windows).

Step 2

Import the video file you want to rotate by clicking File->Import->File or using the shortcut Ctrl+I (on Windows). Find your video file and select to import it. This will open your video file on the “composition platform”.

Step 3

Select and drag your video from the composition platform to the timeline area.

Rotate a video step 3

Step 4

Once the video is on the timeline, click on the video name to highlight it and then press “R” to bring up the rotation properties.

Rotate a video step 4

Step 5

To the right of the rotation name are two number parameters. The first parameter is the number of seconds after the beginning of the video where the rotation begins. Leave it at “0” if you want the entire duration of the video to be rotated. The second parameter lets you set the number for the degree of rotation (0 - 360).

Rotate a video step 5

Step 6

Once you’ve rotated your video, save your video by clicking on File->Save As.

Rotate a video step 6