You have a video you want to upload to YouTube. You also happen to have access to After Effects. This short tutorial will show you how to use AfterEffects to optimize your video for uploading to YouTube.

If you don’t happen to have a video, then you can download copyright-free videos at Pixabay.

What You’ll Need

  • a video (ideally mp4)
  • After Effects CC
  • Adobe Media Encoder CC

Step 1

Open your video in After Effects either through the menubar or by dragging it over onto the application.

Step 2

In the After Effects Project Panel, click once on your video. Then add it to the render queue by clicking:

Composition -> Add to Render Queue

This will create a composition from your video. In the Project Panel, click once on the newly generated composition to highlight it so that you can then add it to the Adobe Media Encoder Queue:

Composition -> Add to Adobe Media Encoder Queue

This will open your composition in Adobe Media Encoder

Step 3

You should now be in the Adobe Media Encoder CC interface. Find the the video you want to export in the Queue Panel. Under the Preset column, find the option for “YouTube 1080p HD”. Once that is selected, you can begin exporting your video by clicking Start Queue button (represented by a green play icon).

Step 4

Once the conversion is complete, you can find the output file by clicking the link under the Output File column. You should now have a video optimized for uploading to YouTube.