Restore the file in your working directory to look exactly as it did when you last made a commit Discard changes in the work directory.

git checkout HEAD "file name"

The commands resets the file in the staging area to be the same as the HEAD commit. It does not discard file changes from the working directory, it just removes them from the staging area. Unstage file changes in the staging area

git reset HEAD "file name"

Move the HEAD to a specific commit. Resets to a previous commit in your commit history.

git reset commit_SHA

Create a new branch

git branch "branch_name"

Create a new branch and switch to it

git checkout -b "branch_name"

Switch branches

git checkout "branch_name"

Merge branches

git merge "branch_name"

delete branch

git branch -d "branch_name"

Resolve merge conflicts

<<<<<<< HEAD
master version of line
fencing version of line
>>>>>>> fencing

Get a copy of a remote repository

git clone "remote_location" "clone_name"

List remotes

git remote -v

Check if any changes have been more to the remote and bring th changes down to your local copy without merging any changes

git fetch
git merge origin/master

Push your branch to remote

git push origin bio-questions