In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to export a vector graphic for use as a SVG.

Step 1

Open an Illustrator file with a vector graphic or make a new one. In my example, I made a simple ellipse shape. In the menu bar, click on File -> Export -> Export As…

Export SVG - Export as

Step 2

Choose a filename for the SVG and a folder destination for it. Make sure that under the Save as type: field, you have SVG *.SVG selected. Then click export.

Export SVG - Save

Step 3

A modal will pop up with options for SVG customization. Under the Styling Field, be make that Inline Style is selected and under the Decimal field, enter 2. The other fields can remain in their default state. When you’re done, click ok.

Export SVG - Ok

Step 4

Boom, you’re done.